Subtask Rollup

Microsoft Project provides the ability to display subtask Gantt bars on summary task bars through the Rollup feature. In the following illustration, Task B and the Phase Complete milestone from each phase have been selected to rollup:

Subtask Rollup Pic1

To rollup a subtask bar, double-click the subtask, and then from the General tab select Rollup and click OK as shown in the following illustration:

Subtask Rollup Pic2

Note that the summary task that you want the tasks to be rolled up to also has to have the Rollup box checked. When you create a summary task, Project will automatically check the Rollup box on the summary task. You can use this feature to cause tasks to rollup only to the Project Summary task as shown in the following illustration:

Subtask Rollup Pic3

Simply deselect Rollup on the Phase 1 and Phase 2 summary tasks and select Rollup on the Project Summary task!

Rollup provides a more precise means of displaying specific subtasks and milestones in a condensed, summary type view.

Applies To: All Current Versions of Microsoft Project

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