Organizer and Global.mpt

Throughout Microsoft Project there are a number of selections that say Organizer… But what is it? Why is it there?

Microsoft Project can be customized and configured very extensively. Views, tables and other objects can be created and customized, multiple calendars can be created, and even Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) modules can be created. All of these objects reside within the Microsoft Project file, and would have to be re-created for every Microsoft Project file, except for two items: the Organizer and the Global.mpt (if you’re using Project Server or Project Online, there is also an Enterprise Global, which will be discussed in a future Milestone Minute).

The Global.mpt is a template file that resides on the local computer. It contains options, all of the calendars, views, tables, etc., that you want to use for all of your projects. It’s initially created by Microsoft Project with all the Microsoft Project defaults. Each subsequent time Microsoft Project starts, it looks for the Global.mpt and loads the defaults according to the template. And if it doesn’t find the Global.mpt, it will re-create one with the original defaults. How do we update the defaults? The Organizer!

The Organizer is a tool that allows us to copy Microsoft Project objects from a file into the Global.mpt, or from one Microsoft Project file to another. Selecting the File tab, Info tab, and then clicking on Organizer opens the Organizer as shown in the following illustration:

Organizer and Global Pic 1

The bottom part of the screen shows the files that are open, while the tabs across the top indicate the items that can be copied. Merely select an item and click the Copy >> button to copy the item from one file to another.


Applies To: All Current Versions of Microsoft Project

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