Many times, a project manager must present competing proposals that can have different impacts on the project. Suppose we have a situation in which there are two scenarios for creating requirements:

  • Scenario 1: the team will only create preliminary requirements, with the focus being on speed, and least impact on the team
  • Scenario 2: the team will create complete requirements, which will certainly take longer and require more resources

By using the Inactivate feature in Project, the project manager can present both scenarios to stakeholders so that the impact of each can be analyzed!

In the following illustration, we have developed both scenarios and put them into the project schedule. We have also inserted the Cost column so that impacts to cost can be considered:

Activate pic 1

Scenario 1 is 10 days in duration, costs $2,880, and only involves Jay Adams and Judy Lew. Scenario 2 is 14.5 days in duration, costs $6,900, and it requires the assistance of Bradley Beck. Which option would be best?

By Inactivating Scenario 2, we see the following situation:

Activate pic 2

We only involve Jay Adams and Judy Lew, the total project cost is $19,440, and the anticipated project completion date is June 4.

If we inactivate Scenario 1 and activate Scenario 2, we see the following situation:

Activate pic 3

By involving Bradley Beck, and fast tracking the Develop Preliminary Budget, we can get complete specifications developed, and it only delays the project to June 10. However, the estimated cost of the project increased by $4,020, a 20% increase.

We now can show two competing proposals, analyze schedule and cost for each one, and present the results to the stakeholders. The decision can be made that will be the best alternative for the project!


Applies To: All current versions of Microsoft Project


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