Linking Tasks

With the Project Online Desktop Client (PODC) and Project 2019, Microsoft has introduced a new way to link tasks. In prior versions, project managers could simply enter the task number in either the predecessor or successor column. This works well, but if you have a large project, identifying, say, the predecessor task may involve a lot of scrolling through the project.

With the PODC and Project 2019, clicking on a cell in the Predecessors or Successors column will cause a dropdown arrow to appear on the right side of the cell, as shown in the following illustration:

linkingtasks pic1

When you click on the dropdown arrow, a popup window will appear with a list of all the tasks in the project as shown in the following illustration:

linkingtasks pic2

From this window, you can quickly scroll through the project and select the predecessor (or successor) tasks!


Applies To: Microsoft Project Online Desktop Client, Microsoft Project 2019

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