Reporting, Episode 2

In the last Milestone Minute, we discussed some of the features of the Page Setup options that are available when printing a Microsoft Project report. In that post, two tabs were unavailable: Legend and View, since they don’t apply to printing a report. The Legend tab is discussed here; the View tab is very involved and will be discussed in Episode 3.

Any view in Microsoft Project can be printed, to paper or a PDF. When a Gantt chart, for example, is printed, the Legend and View tabs are available in Page Setup as shown in the following illustration:

Reportingv2 Pic 1

Legend tab

The Legend tab specifies options for the legend accompanying the Gantt chart (in this example) – a portion of a sample legend is shown in the following illustration:

Reportingv2 Pic 2

  • The Left, Center, Right section refers only to the left-hand box on the legend and allows the same general or project specific fields to be added to the box as for the header and footer for the entire report. The default is a left-justified project name and date.
  • The legend can be printed on every page, a separate legend page, or not at all
  • The width of the left-hand box on the legend can be specified: the default is 2 inches
  • Clicking the Legend Labels… button allows the font, font size, font color, etc., for the labels in the legend to be specified.


Applies To: All Current Versions of Microsoft Project

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