Indent with a mouse

Building a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) can involve indenting and outdenting a number of tasks. Rather than using the green Outdent Task and Indent Task buttons on the ribbon, it is possible to build the WBS by using the mouse.

In the following illustration, Phase 1 and Task 1 were entered on the Task Sheet. Task 1 should be indented underneath Phase 1:

Mouse Pic1

Using the mouse, hover over the first letter of Task 1 until the cursor changes to a two-headed arrow as shown in the following illustration:

Mouse Pic2

Click and hold with the left mouse button, and then drag Task 1 to the right as shown in the following illustration:

Mouse Pic3

When you release the left mouse button, Task 1 has been indented!

Mouse Pic4

To Outdent a task, follow the same steps, but drag the task to the left.


Applies To: All Current Versions of Microsoft Project

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