Changing Duration

Changes to duration can take place automatically in Microsoft Project in many ways. This Milestone Minute will showcase one of many possibilities, with more Milestone Minutes devoted to this topic in the future.

Take note of Task A’s duration of 10 days as shown in the following illustration:  


Now, with a simple change in Task Type, from Fixed Units to Fixed Duration, duration changes to 15 days for Task A as shown in the following illustration:


Why would Microsoft Project do that? Is there an issue with Duration in Microsoft Project? Shouldn’t Duration be the same regardless of Task Type?

You see, Duration is the total span of working time. With a Fixed Units (or Fixed Work) task, time during a split is not considered working time. With a Fixed Duration task, the total duration is from the task start date to the task finish date including any splits. The implications of this are very important from a baseline and tracking perspective, topics to be covered in future Milestone Minutes!

Applies to: All Current Versions of Microsoft Project and Project Server

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