Marked Important

A simple, yet effective way to mark a task as important, or in need of further action, is to use the Marked field with a little bit of formatting. To do so, the following steps are recommended:

Create a new view as described in the Milestone Minute titled “Creating a New View”

Insert the Marked field into a task table and change the field to Yes as shown in the following illustration:

Marked pic1

Then, navigate to the Format tab, Format group, and click Text Styles. From the Item to Change list, select Marked Tasks, and then choose a formatting option(s) for Mark Tasks, such as Background Color Orange as shown in the following illustration:

Marked pic2

When finished, click OK

Marked pic3

From this point forward, simply change the Marked flag from Yes to No, or No to Yes on any task in your custom view!

Applies To: All Current Versions of Microsoft Project

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