Creating a new view

At Milestone, we recommend that project managers should not change any of the default views, tables, filters, or groups. But what if, say, you want to modify a Gantt chart view to display a red star for the completion milestone, rather than the normal black diamond?

The easiest way is to copy the view, rename the new view and then make any changes you’d like. With recent versions of Microsoft Project (2010 or later), it is very easy. Simply display the view you’d like to copy and then select Save View… as shown in the following illustration:

 New View pic1

From the Save View dialog box enter a new name and click OK, as shown in the following illustration: New View pic2

When Microsoft Project creates the new view, it will also create a new table! In the previous example, it created a view called Stakeholder Presentation and a table called Stakeholder Presentation Table 1 (Project with Office 365 creates a table called Stakeholder Presentation Table). With the new view, you can customize it as necessary as shown in the following illustration: New View pic3

The new view will be saved with the project and be available whenever it is needed. And, if you have the option Automatically save new views, tables, filters, and groups to the global set, then the new view and table will be available for any project you open on your computer using your profile!

Applies To: Microsoft Project 2010 and later


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